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The Team

Our team is our main advantage. Created in 1999, when modern web-development industry was being germinated, our team has tremendous experience and knowledge in web-applications development area.
During these 13 years, we've implemented unique motivation system, knowledge-sharing, and process-improvement processes. According to staff own feedbacks, the atmosphere in the team is very friendly, inducting personal and professional development, and highly motivating.
  • Сергей Медведь

    Serge Medvid

    Head of business automation development
  • Олег Походенко

    Oleg Pohodenko

    Head of web-interfaces development
  • Костя Антоненко

    Kostia Antonenko

    Lead designer
  • Виталий Федорченко

    Vitalii Fedorchenko

    Lead developer

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  • Kiev
    “Illinsky” BC
    6th floor, 10th entrance, 8, Illinska Str.
    +38 (063) 481-07-89
  • Los Angeles
    531 Main Street #510
    El Segundo, CA 90245-3060
    skype: klaxonstudio_usa
    +1 310 251-5314